Crazy Horse Boarding Facility ( in Riverview welcomes
Caroline Rider of Rider Horsemanship, Inc. ( to the Tampa Bay Area's newest location!

Crazy Horse Boarding
12735 Balm Boyette Road
Riverview FL 33579

Caroline Rider, of Rider Horsemanship, has just opened up her 2nd location and is now operating full time out of the Riverview (Tampa Bay), FL area at the Crazy Horse Boarding Facility. Crazy Horse is recognized as a full-service, multi-disciplinary horsemanship facility, offering a wide array of learning and training opportunities for horses and people. While Caroline operates out of the Riveriview area full time, she will continue to travel up and down the east coast conducting her much acclaimed Tao of Horsemanship, Inc. clinics. Please feel free to contact her directly regarding her lesson, training and clinic. Click here for Schedule

About Caroline Rider
With 40 years of riding and study under her belt, national exposure as a clinician, writer, educator and intuitive equine behavioral expert, Caroline has been able to provide both people and horse's with a proven training methodology (educational system) that works! Her method follows her personally designed, and much acclaimed, Tao of Horsemanship, Inc.TM training and instructional DVD's and are the keys to her amazing success with horses and people alike.
Caroline's teaching style employs the philosophies, training techniques, and riding elements of classical dressage. Balance, harmony, suppleness, rhythm, combined with clear, mindful and consistent communication (through aids) becomes the dialogue between horse and rider. The development of communication is foremost as it establishes a mutual understanding and cooperation between both. This cooperation allows both rider and horse to work confidently together in balance, which in turn promotes harmony. Rider Horsemanship focuses on finesse, not force, and the results are achieved more smoothly and easily than most riders could possibly imagine.

Caroline's experience covers many disciplines and allows her the opportunity to offer a wide array of instruction and training:

  • Private and Group Lessons, Clinics and Apprenticeship Programs
  • Tao of Horsemanship Wellness Workshops for Horses and People
  • Short and Long-term Training for Your Horse
  • Personal Assessments and Evals for You and Your Horse
  • Beginner Horsemanship and Foundation Training
  • Advanced Horsemanship: Smooth Transitions, Cues, Correct Leads to Flying Changes
  • Colt-Starting, Foundation Work and Rehabilitation
  • Classical Dressage Foundation to Performance
  • Western Obstacle Trail Course Training
  • Pleasure Horse and Trail Riding
  • Reining Basics
  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Carriage Driving

    Caroline's experience also encompasses the depth and complexities found within each discipline. From her experience she has been able to create a proven instructional training program that can assist with the following:

  • Behavioral Issues and Problem-solving Strategies You and Your Horse
  • Round Penning Techniques for Deeper Connection, Trust, Communication and Partnership
  • Lunging and Riding Exercises that Promote Proper Muscling, Balance, Suppling, Collection, and Self-Carriage Naturally
  • 3 Simple Online Exercises to Develop Better Trust, Respect, Partnership and Leadership on The Ground
  • The Biomechanics of Riding Naturally with Your Horse and in Rhythm
  • Bareback Riding: Riding with a Balanced and Independent Seat
  • Awareness and Embodiment Exercises to Improve Seat, Hands and Legs
  • Riding Exercises that Develop Softening, Acceptance and the "Give" to the Bit
  • Ground and Riding Patterns Designed to Improve Arena Work and/or Trail Riding
  • Customized Ground and Riding Programs for You & Your Horse
  • For more information about Caroline Rider, Rider Horsemanship, visit: or email:

    For more information about Crazy Horse Boarding Facility in Riverview, Florida,
    Visit: or contact Glen Soper at (813) 310-7749

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